There comes a time in a man’s life where nothing matters to you but God. Where you are not ruled by what anyone feels, thinks, or says but by what God feels and says about you.

David got to that point in his life. He was quite familiar with the entire do’s and don’ts of a king, but no rule could stop the bursting forth of the praise that was welling up within him. Unashamedly, he danced and danced and danced. Rounds of gossips and eye contacts were exchanged within the crowd and outside the crowd, eyes filled with dismay fired gloomy glares at him, feet heavy with correction hastily approached him.

“Kings are not allowed to dance in public; who does that?” His lovely wife snapped.

“Who set the rules? Who said kings should not dance in public, God or man?” David retorted. How come the world dictates how we live our lives, how we worship?

They tell you decorum, they remind you of etiquette, and what if the world has sets these rules to kill our praise.

Today, we are all composed, well straightened up, unruffled, passionless, and almost lukewarm. All in a bid to maintain the calmness the world dictates.

Brothers stand aloof, clapping hands with little or no soul connection, sampling the prettiest congregant who is a sister. As a sister, I watch around for the latest fashion trend, comparing myself with us, exchanging winks and chatters during a service. No more worship intercourse, we worship on the mountain like the Samaritans or in Jerusalem like the Jews. Too far away from God's reach, hearts too cold for God's warmth. A physical place, physical state, no spiritual meaning.

Jesus warns us against such worship when he said “the true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth, the Father is looking for such people to worship Him.”

David has a lesson for our generation, worshipping from intense love for God, not out of compulsion or fear of what people will say or think. When we do so, we care less about rules, status, or who is around. We throw caution to the wind and worship the Father.

The Father seeketh such to worship Him.