Nothing less than 350 days have rolled by after the last Eagle's youth camp and here we are gyming to attend another.
My friend, I will ask you a sincere question, the same question jesus asked the crowd, who went to see john, 
"when you went out in the wilderness, what do you go to see?" 
The camp can be likened to a wilderness or the mountains, away from home or the noise in the city.
For the 2017 youth camp, what are you coming to see?
It is beyond doubt that Jesus will be present at the camp to change the lives of the youths present, no doubt, that Gods word will be available, however, we can only see what we are looking for.
Some attend the camp to meet with old acquaintances whom they have missed, others feel it is a time to picnic outside the confines of their homes, while some consider it an avenue to meet new dates and spark up relationships, some others see it as a time to step up their relationship with the Lord and get more direction for the future.
Trust me, whatever category you belong, you will see what you seek in plenty measure.
Sometime in biblical history, uncle Moses asked the children of Israel to purify themselves so they could meet with the Lord on the mountain, unfortunately for them, they probably weren't expecting the thunderings and smoking. In the end they told Moses to go ahead and speak to God on their behalf. This action they took caused a paradigm shift in the way God intended to speak with man. 
In the place of God's voice they saw thunderings, in the place of God desiring to fellowship, they saw smoke. 
Truth is, the thunderings and smoke were not all there were about God but because they had always thought God to be severe, the thunderings and lighting were all they saw.
It is God's desire to have a one on one relationship with every of his children.

So back to my question , eagles youth camp 2017, what do you seek?
If you seek God's kingdom, every other thing shall be added unto you.
If you seek ephemeral things, you will eventually be tossed by the tides of life
Choose wisely.

My name is Blessing Omoregie
I am a Christian and a writer.