Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of programs can I expect to experience on camp?

    Adequate time has been devoted to teachings about God and issues of faith. Participants have a chance to explore the Christian faith and also ponder the bigger questions of life. Deliverances, healings, salvation, teachings of the word, split sessions etc. are a few of what is in store.

  • Is it possible for me to leave before the close of camp?

    Of course, exit cards must be gotten from camp officials before you leave the camp.

  • Does my camper need a physical examination to attend camp?

    You do not need to provide a physical exam record for your camper, but if he or she has a unique ailment or allergy, please notify the registration officials.

  • Are the leaders trained to handle emergencies?

    Medical personnel who can offer immediate medical assistance if required will be present at the camp’s sick bay while severe cases will be referred to the nearest hospital.

  • What if my camper is injured or ill?

    The safety of campers is our top priority, therefore, our Health Care team oversees and manages medicine distribution and health concerns. We have enlisted medical practitioners to serve as consulting physicians during the camp. If your camper becomes ill at home prior the camp, please ensure they remain at home for at least 24 hours without symptoms.

  • Who looks after the campers?

    A dedicated team of Christian leaders look after the campers every day. Security personnel, chaperons, hall leaders, room leaders, camp officials and the camp commandant monitor the campers which ensure the highest quality care and attention.

  • My child doesn’t know anyone on camp. Will he or she be fine?

    Yearly, we have campers who do not know anybody else. Every effort is made to watch, care and assimilate campers to ensure they feel part of the group from the very start.


  • Since feeding and accommodation is free, what do I expect?

    A minimum of two meals per day will be served to every camper, free of charge. Drinking water will also be available but snacking in between meals is the responsibility of each camper.

  • How can campers be contacted?

    Since phone calls are only allowed in between sessions, campers should inform their guardians of the appropriate time for them to receive phone calls. Here are the direct lines to camp officials- 08072443711, 08076007646

  • What should campers leave at home?

    Please leave electronic games, iPods, and any other expensive or valuable items at home. We do not allow the playing of electronic games at camp. Cell phones may be brought but cannot be used during sessions. Any necessary phone calls and text messaging can be made in between sessions. We are not responsible for any items brought to, or lost at camp. Any valuable brought to the camp can be given to the camp officials for safe keeping.

  • Can I dress according to my taste?

    As long as your taste does not cross the line of modesty, it is all right. Indecent dressings will not be tolerated, therefore, snuggly tight dresses, sagging trousers and above the knees dresses are not welcome.

  • What should I do if I forget one of my essentials?

    In as much as we will advise that you pack for the camp days before you leave, there are situations where people will still forget one or more things. A tuck shop where toothpastes, tooth brushes, sponges, tissue papers, and other toiletries are sold, will be present on camp.


  • What should campers bring to camp?

    Each room has a mattress for each camper plus other basic amenities like water, electricity. However, every camper is advised to bring their buckets and beddings with them. 

  • What facilities are available on camp?

    Asides the feeding of the spirit man, we are aware that the Bible recognizes the advantages of bodily exercise. Therefore, before any camp venue is chosen, the environment is taken into consideration. Playing fields, outdoor games and indoor games are the highlights of sports time. In addition, campers should come with their sport wears so they can participate in all sporting activities.


  • Do I need to register with cash?

    Registration is free but you have to signify your interest to be a part of the camp so that adequate preparations can be made.

  • Is there any age restriction for the campers?

    The camp focuses on building the youth which is why only campers between the ages of 15 and 30 are eligible to register.

  • Where is the camp located?

    The venue for the camp may change every year, but for more information, please visit the website for the location for each year’s camp.

  • What is the duration of the camp?

    Camp usually starts on Monday of the specified date and ends on Sunday. However, on camp registration usually starts on the first day of the specified date. You do not have to wait till you reach the camp to register. Online registration can be done at the website, www.eaglesyouthng.org/register